Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Small and Crooked?

When Pete Hautman and I had been going out a year or two, he gave me one of those winsome, knowing looks that I have come to dread and love at the same time, and said, "I know what you like--you like everything that is small and crooked."

He was and still is absolutely right. In this brand-new blog I will write about my mysteries, my rug hooking, my dyeing, my house in the countryside of Wisconsin, my poetry, my family and friends and dogs. While not all of them are exactly small (my house is small, my poems are usually small, my dogs are very small and getting smaller poodles, but my group of friends is large and Pete's no small potatoes), they all have their own definite crookedness about them, and I mean that in the absolutely best of ways.

Please come by for a visit often.

1 comment:

  1. sigh. i've read through your blog from end to beginning, quite understand your reasons for ceasing transmission but am now keen to read more of this delightful writing.
    i suppose
    i shall have to go book shopping...