Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deep in the Trees

I went down to Stockholm this weekend, the weather was outrageously beautiful, and I had to go to a board meeting at the Lake Pepin Art and Design Center. I stopped into my house and then went for a long walk in the woods. The hunters aren't out yet, so the woods are relatively safe. I still wore my red plaid hat and clapped my hands to tell all I was coming.

I walked along the field road at the top of Hap Palmberg's open land, tucked in right under the bluffs and under the treeline. About a block down this dirt track, I saw large creatures moving in amongst the trees. There were about ten horses, saddled up, and tied to trees, hidden in the woods.

Just one of those moment when you get a wonderful surprise, a gift. Dark horses staring at me out of the woods. They neighed, I clapped, we watched each other until we could see no longer.

They were still there when I walked back. Again the nods and nickers. About an hour later, I saw a group of people saddle up and ride, not down into the town, but up into the bluffs. All I can figure is that they had come down for lunch and lived somewhere up on the farmland above.

You never know what you're going to find when you go for a walk in the woods.


  1. Mary- I discovered your books this summer and am totally smitten with Claire Watkins, Rich and Meg. I grew up in Alma and am so familiar with the area. My husband's family is from the Stockholm, Plum City area and many of his relatives are still in there. I have the last two Claire Watkins books to read and then will have to wait for more- so please write faster! Oh~~and is the group of men that Rich meets to work on woodcarving and woodworking projects based on reality?? My husband's uncle is a member of group of men that do that and he lives in Pepin!

  2. Dee Dee, how nice to hear from a neighbor. You know the area well. And you're absolutely right about the woodcarving group. It is based on that real group of men from Pepin. I've always loved it that women get together to quilt and knit, I thought the men deserved a chance too. It was fun to imagine what they would talk about!

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Your walk through the woods sounds so peaceful and relaxing. You put me there with your words and I like that! You are amazingly talented Miss Mary!

  4. Thanks, Zillie. Walks work for me.